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lumina connections: manifesting the world of divine heart
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Full Moon Group Flow:

Awakening Your Light
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Group Shamanic Journey with Drumming

Intuition: Connecting with Your Soul

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire (Intro.)
Manifesting Your Heart's Desire (I & II)

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Let us manifest the world of Divine Heart by awakening and connecting with our true Selves! 

The goal of Lumina Connections is to contribute towards an evolutionary shift in human consciousness by being a conduit to light and by offering various services and classes that can help individuals to unfold their true Selves and manifest a life of heart desire.

It is my understanding that we all have an invisible core within, through which infinite Divine energy constantly emanates and sustains our physical presence at every moment. This core is a doorway to multi-dimensional levels and connects us with an infinite reservoir of the Divine love. The Divine is not out there in the Heavens but is omnipresent in all living beings. Through this inner core, one can connect with one’s luminous divine Self. This luminous Self is a breath away waiting for us to be aware of its presence within us; it is waiting for a call from us to connect to and become one with it.

This is the essence of Lumina Connections: to create our reality from this state of being and manifest a life that reflects who we truly are. If each one of us awakens and becomes one with our Higher Self or Soul and interact with each other from this level of consciousness, then it becomes possible to create a world without war, suppression, discrimination, etc. By connecting with our true Self and asking, we can access to the infinitely abundant universe and can manifest a life of heart desire if it is aligned with our life purpose. And by realizing our true Self and living a happy and harmonious life, we can contribute to a planetary shift through this shift in our consciousness.

By applying different modalities and through chanelling divine energies, I can assist you in this process of unfolding your true essence and manifesting a life you love. But first you must listen to your heart to know if this is what your heart desires. If you need more information about my work, please go to “About the Work” page. If you are curious but not sure what it is, you may want to try a New Moon Group Flow to experience some of the energies. I hope that you will join us in this joyous journey!

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