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lumina connections: manifesting the world of divine heart
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What's New?

heart Please RSVP or register at least 2 days in advance for Group Sessions,
at least 1 week in advance for Light Body Course

Full Moon Group Flow:

Awakening Your Light
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Group Shamanic Journey with Drumming

Intuition: Connecting with Your Soul

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire (Intro.)
Manifesting Your Heart's Desire (I & II)

Blog & Channeling

Amana's work can work for you if you are:

  • Willing to grow by working on the issues that prevent you from manifesting your heart's desires.
  • Seeking to bring more flow, joy and peace into your life and overcome challenges with ease.
  • Suffering from depression, post traumatic stress, addiction, relationship issues, being stuck in life, physical and psycho-emotional "dis-ease."
  • Wanting to improve your pet's well-being.

What is Amana's work?

The work in her private sessions is an integration of powerful forms of transmission of light through her multi-dimensional energywork, combined with the techniques of Depth Hypnosis that work on the underlying causes of the issue. Using the techniques and skills that work at a deeper causal level, her work aim to support for clients to create a lasting shift in their life. Integration and/or combination of the different modalities bring about a powerful effect that works with the client's needs, intention and focus.

◊ Two-fold approach

Amana's work consists of two distinctive aspects. One is to dissolve the denser energy patterns and/or old thought forms/ beliefs often associated with wounds and traumatic experiences buried at the cellular and subconscious levels. In this process, clients may gain awareness of the root cause(s) of the issue involved, which would help to create a lasting shift in their life.
The other important aspect is to support the client to remember and explore who she/he truly is. Amana's ability to perceive and connect with the deeper essence of each individual helps to make this possible. The essential part of her work is to hold an energy space/field that allows the client to resonate with her/his larger Self.

◊ Offering Private Sessions and Group Sessions (both in person/remotely)

Hypnotherapy and the modalities of energywork practiced by Amana are certified professions, not state-licensed professions. Amana practices Hypnotherapy that meets the highest standards set forth by the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy and follows the organization's Code of Ethics and Standards. Both Hypnotherapy and Inter-Dimensional Energywork do NOT offer medical diagnosis, nor replace regular medical and psychological treatment. The work practiced by Amana is alternative healing arts to support people seeking to overcome challenges and/or create a lasting shift in life.
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