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lumina connections: manifesting the world of divine heart
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New Moon Group Flow
Dec. Thurs. 7:15-8:45pm PST
Long Distance Only

Awakening Your Light
Body (next cycle)


Group Shamanic Journey with Drumming

Intuition: Connecting with Your Soul

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire (Intro.)
Manifesting Your Heart's Desire (I & II)

Blog & Channeling

Greetings from the Light

What a joy it is to be able to have the opportunity to share words and energy with you. Let us begin with introducing us to you.

We are here to help you remember who you truly are, and manifest who you are on the physical plane of the Earth. We are a group of Being of Light whose energy features Divine Love, Wisdom and Power, and whose vibratory levels are those close to the center of the universe.

Our intentions are to serve humanity to evolve into a new level that is based on Divine Love and Oneness, and that is beyond polarity. This shift in human consciousness corresponds to the Earth's planetary shift that has been in the making for a long time.

We are the invisible partners for the work of Amana whose Soul responded to the call of the Earth to serve for this shift. Since she was a little girl, we have been watching over her, even when the challenges in her life made her feel she was struggling alone. Now that she is ready to engage in this service, we are very excited to work with you, through Amana, to bring more flow, joy, harmony, wisdom and love into your life.

Remember that by becoming who you truly are and by holding Love and Light for yourself and others you are bringing the same energy into the Earth plane, and thus contributing to the the Earth's shift to the next level. The universe is full of resources and infinitely abundant. It is your natural right as a human form of Light to tap into these infinite resources.
We wish your journey on Earth be filled with joy and abundance.

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