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Reiki I & II on 3/22-3/23/2014
"If you are seeking healing, positivity, and tools for self-care and wellbeing for yourself or anyone in your life, I highly encourage you to take a reiki class from Amana Oh. It is a marvelous opportunity!

I signed up for Amana's Reiki 1 & 2 class mostly out of curiosity.
To my surprise, the class felt more like a weekend "retreat" in which I was enlightened and rejuvenated more than I had ever anticipated.

Amana's gifted warmth facilitates a comfortable, tranquil space in which our class could thoroughly explore the medium of reiki. Her exceptional amiability allows even shy people like myself to feel at ease with a group. Moreover, it connects the group to collaboratively explore energy and light.

Not only does Amana emanate the warmth and light that she cultivates amongst the group, but she is extremely knowledgeable and wise. Therefore, she is able to facilitate a genuine flow to the class/ experience by centering around the students' curiosity and guiding them to experience light and the love that accompanies it. In doing so, she can truly inspire wonder at one's ability to connect with ourselves, each other, and the greater universe.

Discovering this awareness greatly enriched my life and enhanced my day-to-day living. Since taking the class, I have been practicing meditation and different kinds of Reiki frequently. The class gave me tools for selfcare that seem more powerful than others I have tried in the past (like therapy, massage, exercise, etc.). Reiki seems to have attuned me to the universe. This has been very comforting.

It also has inspired me to take better care of myself and in doing so, I feel
as if my relationships are more positive as well.
It was an honor working with Amana. I am so grateful for this transformative experience."
----- J. F., San Leandro, CA

Reiki I & II on 3/22-3/23/2014
"I just had the most amazing 2 day experience at Body Technique in Alameda. They offered a 2 day Reiki I and II class taught by Reiki Master Amana Oh.
I had no idea what to expect from the class but I was open to the experience. Amana Oh is the kindness, most gentle soul I have ever met.
She was able to help me reach a deep meditative state that I have never experienced. The class included hands on Reiki and by the end of day 2 I felt myself wanting to learn more. I am difinately looking forward to future Reiki classes taught by Amana Oh."
----- Claudette, Oakland, CA

Reiki I & II on 8/17-8/17/2013
"I took Reiki I and II from Amana and it changed my life. The practices I learned in her classes are easy and practical and can be used daily for protection, clearing and sending positive energy.
Amana is amazing. When you are with her, you are in the presence of light and love. She is a patient teacher, wise and understanding. And even after your attunements, she makes herself available, to help you as you continue to grow in your practice.
I don’t have a business, but use Reiki for my own purpose. I have a stressful job and am able to get grounded more easily now. It has also allowed me to let go of anger, sadness and feelings of unworthiness. I use it to send to love to family and friends, especially those I cannot see much of anymore. It allows for real connection.
I feel very blessed every day that I received my attunement from such an inspiring teacher, someone who is devoted to the practice of healing. Amana’s guidance is invaluable."
----- K. H., Emeryville, CA

"The impact of Amana's work is transformative. When the "deep work" was described to me, I was not exactly sure how it would translate to concrete outcomes. But having undergone a series of sessions, I have noticed that my view of the world has fundamentally shifted to that of more warm, forgiving one, that can accommodate my inadequacies and mistakes and allow me to build on all my experiences towards growth and success. In my challenging job as a director of an institution, I carry heavy pressure to ensure the well-being of the staff as well as the programs, and our finances day to day. I am more confident, bold, and at ease in taking risks and facing uncertainty. This way of being at ease with the unknowns of our future -- has led me to lasting inner peace and feeling of contentment. As a leader, I am more effective, focused, and set an example for my staff and peers. I am no longer 'faking' it - what stability I convey through my being is genuine. Amana helped me become more grounded and strong, knowing that no matter what happens, I have the inner power to overcome challenges and transform my conditions in line with the ethical teachings of my ancestors."
----- M. K., Executive Director of NPO, CA

"So many of us are in times of transition. At such times, it behooves us to seek
insight into the multiple layers of our psyche, to know our unique past, and to
recognize the patterns that subconsciously govern our behavior and are embedded in our every thought and emotion.

Through the guidance that I have received from Amana, I have traveled into the under-world. She has been instrumental in helping me see those dysfunctional aspects of me while recognizing and accepting my wholeness. Gently and compassionately she led me into those dark shadowy corners of my inner world, those repressed memories that I would rather not touch. I am now able to see my childhood traumas with a different eye. To gain a deeper understanding of those formative years is to gain insight into who I am now. With her caring assistance I have also journeyed into past lives, recovered my power animal and opened my heart to loving-kindness.

This work has been truly a gift of transformation and inspiration. It has provided me with amazing insight into my present relationship with family and partner, and has been a continuing source of light for my development. I have realized a part of me that I would never have imagined to exist within me, that is the boundless beauty and power of my true essence. From this awareness, I am creating a better life than ever before.

I have greatly appreciated Dr. Oh's training and experience in a broad range of
disciplines in the field of energy work. As a primary care provider in the State of
California, I know the value of this firsthand. I am a better practitioner as a result of working with her. Her integrative approach, combined with the unique energy she brings into every session, makes healing possible from the inside out."
----- H. M., L. Ac., Alameda, CA

"I believe that there are two kinds of teachers, those who teach something because they need to learn it themselves or are trying to gain mastery, and the other is those who have mastered something and whose presence can transmit this to the students on many levels. Amana is a teacher of the latter. Amana is sincerely wrapped in integrity when teaching and teaches by "being" that which she is teaching. Her energy transmission skill in itself, I believe, is rare. In my many years of education, undergraduate and graduate, I have only come across this level of wisdom and mastery maybe three times. The profound wisdom that she carries inside of her is always a thought away if I need it. I am grateful for this teacher."
----- A. C., MFT, San Francisco, CA

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