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lumina connections: manifesting the world of divine heart
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at least 1 week in advance for Light Body Course

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Intuition: Connecting with Your Soul

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire (Intro.)
Manifesting Your Heart's Desire (I & II)

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Let us manifest our heart's desire!

We all have an invisible core within. This core is a doorway to multi-dimensional realities and a source of wisdom, authentic power and the Divine love. By connecting with this core, we can access to the infinitely abundant universe and realize our highest potential.

The most crucial point in manifesting your heart's desire is that it has to be in alignment with your life purpose from the perspective of your Soul, a larger Self. The help from the spiritual realm will be at work when your REQUEST (not intention) is approved by your Soul before being put in action in the invisible network. If you have lessons to learn in your life, your Soul will not take the learning opportunities away from you. Energetic blocks caused by past trauma or fear etc. would prevent you from receiving the abundnce from the universe as well, even if the request is in alignment with your life purpose.

Introductory class covers a talk about topics on the manifestation and magnetizing work that use higher vibrational energy; its principle, methods, and the energy spaces. The class includes a Group Flow session or guided meditation to facilitate your connection with your own Soul and access to your source energy. Attending at Introductory session is pre-requisite to enroll in the Manifestation class. The fee is $50.

Manifestating Classes (I & II) are designed to heal and empower you, and help you live every day with more joy, receiving the support from the universe for manifesting your heart's desire by choosing to live in alignment with your Soul's purpose. Attending two full day classes is desirable. The fee for each full day class is $120.

In the Manifestation classes, you will:

  • Connect with your Soul and get a clear idea about your life's purpose
  • Explore and integrate all parts of yourself from the level of your Soul
  • Heal and let old patterns go and dissolve the denser energies
  • Explore and connect with the divine core within you
  • Learn the process of manifestation from the very subtle energy level to the physical level
  • Creating Magnetizing energy field in your energy body
  • Receive high energy treansmission to make a shift channeled by Amana
  • Energize what you want to manifest
  • Connect with other like-minded people from the authentic level

We will use different elements and methods to make the work grounded and enjoyable. I offer a gentle, safe and nonjudgemental space so that every participant can feel comfortable to be authentic and connect with each other.

Go to the appointment page to register.

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