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lumina connections: manifesting the world of divine heart
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heart Please RSVP or register at least 2 days in advance for Group Sessions,
at least 1 week in advance for Light Body Course

Full Moon Group Flow:

Awakening Your Light
Body (next cycle)


Group Shamanic Journey with Drumming

Intuition: Connecting with Your Soul

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire (Intro.)
Manifesting Your Heart's Desire (I & II)

Blog & Channeling

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◊ New Moon Group Flow (In-person & Long distance)

New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. It is a powerful time to set the energy for making a shift in your life and manifesting your heart’s desire. Amana opens and holds an energy field that is beyond time and space, where your guides work on individually in your desired area of focus. New Moon Flow combines the energies of Group Flow with the power of New Moon.

The New Moon Group Flow is designed to strengthen your connection with your Soul and bring the higher energy of flow, alignment and connection to your focus/intention for the session. You can bring to the session anything that you would like to let it go and/or manifest, such as business projects, relationship desires, physical concerns etc. Whether you join it in person or remotely, the effect of the work is almost the same.

Once you register, the energy will start to set up to include you.

** Please RSVP or register at least 2 days in advance, since the energy starts to set up before the session.

Following is the approximate process of the group session.

  • Introduction to each other. You can share (or don't have to share) your intention.
  • Receive the energies of FAC for about 30 - 40 minutes while you are following the guided meditation.
  • Sharing time. We will have time to share stories to be heard and acknowledged in a nonjudgmental and love-filled space.
  • Amana may teache some skills for healing and transformation as requested from the participants.
  • You are welcome to stay a little longer to socialize with other participants.

◊ Full Moon Group Flow (In-person & Long distance)

Full Moon is the time of harvest, appreciating what you have and letting go of the old. It is especially a powerful time to let the old energy go for the new to come in your life. The rest is the same as New Moon Group Flow.

For those who attend the group in person, we will have FULL MOON WALK in the woods, followed by the Group Flow and sharing. This would be fun!

◊ Group Flow (FAC) Session (In-person & Long distance)

In a Group Flow session, Amana opens and holds an energy field that is beyond time and space, where your guides work on individually in your desired area of focus. The energies transmitted in the session is very healing, allowing each one of you to more fully connect and resonate with your Soul. You can focus on bringing a shift to anything in your life. You may receive deeper insights about your concerns and/or issues from your Soul's perspective. It may come to you right away or some time later. Either participating in-person or remotely does not make big difference. Fee is $25.

◊ Drumming Circle for Shamanic Journeys

In a Drumming Circle, you will jouney to the Spirit Worlds for your empowerment with live drumming. You will have direct connections and/or communications with your Spirit Guides and Teachers and receive their power and/or guidance. Fee is on a donation basis.

Group Sessions are held in Oakland. Available space is limited. To secure your space, please register at least 2 days in advance. Send us an e-mail and/or make a payment for Group Flow session: visit Appointment Page.

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