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1月 12日 (土) 9:00 -9:45 pm

毎週土曜日, 10:00 am-1:00 pm
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TBA 大阪、2013年

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Amana Oh, Ph.D., CHT is a teacher, scholar, Light work practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and a mother of two daughters. In her sessions, she works with her guides of Light, as well as many other beings of Light. She is a member of the Discovery Group, which is committed to learning and using the most advanced skills to explore consciousness and higher dimensions, based on Light Body with Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. She is a guest scholar at the Asian Research Institute of Osaka University of Economics and Law.

Having been born as a Korean-Japanese woman, she has devoted herself to social activism to overcome issues surrounding racism and sexism for many years since she was young. She studied social sciences in MA and Ph.D. programs in Japan in order to develop a theoretical foundation for the social change she was striving for. Through many years of exploration and experience in effecting social change, she came to realize the limitations of conventional approach and started to search for better alternatives to the same goal. After giving birth to her older daughter, she began this search in earnest. In 1989, while in process of searching, she encountered an interesting material: very ancient abstract symbols that are believed to express universal principles particularly about the creation of matter and life from the invisible subtle energy level. It became her passion to integrate this ancient science and wisdom into contemporary issues, such as racism and sexism. This became one of her life works.

She came to the US from Japan in 1992, originally following a vision and guidance that showed the direction of her path. She studied Native American Shamanism individually with Leslie Gray in 1993 until she completed the ancient initiation ritual, called Dismemberment. Since 1992, she has been committed to learning the advanced skills involved in exploration and transmission of subtle energies based on Light Body. She became Reiki Master in 1992. She has taught Light Body meditation between 1998 and 2002, and has managed a private practice in energy bodywork since 1996. While raising two beautiful daughters as a single mother, she pursued a Ph.D., in order to establish the academic foundation for her life work.

After many years of various challenges, she earned her Ph.D. in Integral Studies in 2006. The subject of her dissertation is an interpretation on the worldview of ancient prehistoric Japanese culture, called Jomon culture, through detailed analysis of decorations on a specific type of pottery with a human face whose figure resembles the female body. It is about the meaning of number three in creation: the invisible divine energy that is always present in uniting opposing energies taking place in different levels. This is the academic foundation and core perspective of her life work in both the spiritual and academic fields.

With this background, she hopes to contribute to the world in creating multiple, authentic partnerships, with one's self, between humans, and in society. She believes that partnership-based relationships start with each one of us becoming an integrated whole; this is accomplished by becoming more aware of our deeper issues, by healing and transmuting denser patterns, conditionings, and old thought forms, and by connecting with our luminous Divine Self.

Amana's work is noteworthy in her advanced abilities in energywork and in integrating techniques from different modalities. These skills are imbued with her integrity, deep compassion and wisdom deepened through many years of broad life experiences.

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