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Two modalities of multi-dimensional energywork:

Possible effect of the multi-dimensional energywork includes:

  • Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • Greater emotional stability, aliveness, and better health.
  • A clearer intuition, deeper insight, and self-awareness of what is creating your challenges.
  • More smooth and open relationship with others.
  • Old traumas, physical, emotional and mental constrictions that are no longer serve who you are becoming can be dissolved or shifted.
  • Positive effects on all living beings, as well as situations.

Multi-dimensional Energywork based on Light Body

Amana's energywork is a multi-dimensional work based on transmission of light. The foundation of these energyworks is the Light Body (see Awakening Your Light Body page).

Transmission of light is a term that describes what happens when light is communicated between beings. The light transmitted in Amana's session comes from the realms of higher than the Soul. These realms are above the physical, astral, and mental planes in terms of vibration. It is known that the higher the frequencies, the more refined the energy becomes and the more powerful it is for affecting the process of bringing about a shift in consciousness. Because the frequencies of these energies are beyond time and space, the transmission happens without limitation of time and space. Thus, each multi-dimensional energywork works well not only in person but also at a long distance.
The followings are the two forms of inter-dimensional energywork that Amana applies in her sessions. Both are developed by Amy Skzas with her guide, Athbascar. More information on these works can be found at RoseLight

◊ Flow Alignment & Connection™(FAC)

Flow Alignment & Connection is a gentle but powerful inter-dimensional energywork that enhances the alignment and connection between your personality self and your Soul. The light that is transmitted in FAC consists of bands of frequencies of flow, alignment and connection that are still new to the Earth. It permeates every part of you that is open to receive it, from the level of your atoms and cells, to the level of your energy centers. It can affect all the layers of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. FAC is designed to help you in your everyday life with whatever issues you are facing, and helps you ease the suffering and allows you to grow with greater joy.
FAC works not only on human beings but also affects all living beings, i.e., animals, plants and the minerals, as well as life situations.

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◊ Physical, Atomic and Cellular Evolution (PACE)

Physical, Atomic and Cellular Evolution (PACE) is a powerful multi-dimensional energywork. PACE energies are powerful and intense. They are like a laser that cuts directly to the heart of the issue involved.
A human body consists of many levels - the physical, cellular, atomic, and so on. from the perspectives of the finest and most subtle levels, it is possible to say that a human body is made of energy. It is possible to say that our bodies' physical structures are created based on energy configuration at these micro-levels. PACE energies affect the energy configurations beneath or behind every organizational structure at every level. They are intelligent beyond the scope of the human mind. They initiate a process of "coming apart" of old patterns and blockages and "coming together" of a newer and better way of being. The light transmitted in PACE may be analogous to the energy of God Siva, one side of Divine Love. PACE energies reorganize the structures that are ready to evolve into higher expressions of the Self.
Since PACE energies can create a temporary "upheaval" from the perspective of the little self, combining with the energies of FAC can support the process of integration with a greater flow and ease.

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