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1月 12日 (土) 9:00 -9:45 pm

毎週土曜日, 10:00 am-1:00 pm
日本時間、with Skype・遠隔



TBA 大阪、2013年

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Inter-dimensional Energywork Session (in-person & long distance)

Before a session, a short conversation takes place. This is the time to talk about what you would like the focus of the session to be. During the session, you lie comfortably on a table fully clothed. In-person sessions usually involve gentle touch for the purpose of transmitting energy. In a long distance session, you just lie down for an hour at an appointed time. In a long distance session, you will not be touched directly by human hands, but the effect is just as deep and powerful as a session delivered in-person. Usually a session brings a state of deep relaxation. Afterwards you will have ample time to absorb the subtle energy and then return with a more balanced state-of-being. You can discuss your experiences with the practitioner who may have insights to share with you.

In order to benefit from an energywork session, you don't need to "do" anything, just relax, being open to your experience and willing to grow. Frequencies that are transmitted in each session depend on the client's focus for the session and the openness and/or readiness for receiving the light. It is your Soul's decision about how much growth to undertake, and at what pace. You will not experience more change than you can handle.

The inter-dimensional energyworks that Amana practices are completely intuitive and spontaneous; results cannot be predicted or guaranteed. Each session is a completely new experience, both for the client and the practitioner. Some effects and insights will be manifested directly in or after the session, others will surface only after days, weeks or even months, since it often takes time to integrate the subtle energies. The result of the work mostly depends on the client's readiness and openness, since these energies come through only for the parts of you that are ready to make a shift. What often happens is that the client may not be aware of his/her resistance in letting go of the old, at a deeper subconscious level. We can work on that subconscious level if the client is willing to do so.

◊ Combination of Inter-dimensional Energywork and Hypnotherapy

Amana integrates the techniques of hypnotherapy and her skills of inter-dimensional energywork. The way that different modalities and techniques are applied in a session depends on the client's needs and intentions. It is usually manifested in an intuitive and spontaneous way. The techniques from Hypnotherapy used in her private sessions include Age Regression, Past Life Regression and Depossession.

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Hypnotherapy and the modalities of energywork practiced by Amana are certified professions, not state-licensed professions. Amana practices Hypnotherapy that meets the highest standards set forth by the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy and follows the organization's Code of Ethics and Standards. Both Hypnotherapy and Inter-dimensional Energywork do NOT offer medical diagnosis, nor replace regular medical and psychological treatment. The work practiced by Amana is alternative healing arts to support people seeking to overcome challenges and/or create a lasting shift in life.

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