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lumina connections: manifesting the world of divine heart
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1月 12日 (土) 9:00 -9:45 pm

毎週土曜日, 10:00 am-1:00 pm
日本時間、with Skype・遠隔



TBA 大阪、2013年

Blog & Channeling

"So many of us are in times of transition. At such times, it behooves us to seek
insight into the multiple layers of our psyche, to know our unique past, and to
recognize the patterns that subconsciously govern our behavior and are embedded in our every thought and emotion.

Through the guidance that I have received from Amana, I have traveled into the under-world. She has been instrumental in helping me see those dysfunctional aspects of me while recognizing and accepting my wholeness. Gently and compassionately she led me into those dark shadowy corners of my inner world, those repressed memories that I would rather not touch. I am now able to see my childhood traumas with a different eye. To gain a deeper understanding of those formative years is to gain insight into who I am now. With her caring assistance I have also journeyed into past lives, recovered my power animal and opened my heart to loving-kindness.

This work has been truly a gift of transformation and inspiration. It has provided me with amazing insight into my present relationship with family and partner, and has been a continuing source of light for my development. I have realized a part of me that I would never have imagined to exist within me, that is the boundless beauty and power of my true essence. From this awareness, I am creating a better life than ever before.

I have greatly appreciated Dr. Oh's training and experience in a broad range of
disciplines in the field of energy work. As a primary care provider in the State of
California, I know the value of this firsthand. I am a better practitioner as a result of working with her. Her integrative approach, combined with the unique energy she brings into every session, makes healing possible from the inside out."
----- H. M., L. Ac., Alameda, CA

"I believe that there are two kinds of teachers, those who teach something because they need to learn it themselves or are trying to gain mastery, and the other is those who have mastered something and whose presence can transmit this to the students on many levels. Amana is a teacher of the latter. Amana is sincerely wrapped in integrity when teaching and teaches by "being" that which she is teaching. Her energy transmission skill in itself, I believe, is rare. In my many years of education, undergraduate and graduate, I have only come across this level of wisdom and mastery maybe three times. The profound wisdom that she carries inside of her is always a thought away if I need it. I am grateful for this teacher."
----- A. C., MFT, San Francisco, CA

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